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About ME


This all started with a dream, a dream where I invisioned a company that I could call my own. I wanted to wear something that felt unique and luxurious in every way. I could never find it all in one out in the market, so instead of chasing it, I created it. And that is how everything began.

Having my own fashion brand took years in the making. I took designing these pieces very seriously and educated myself in the craft, I searched for the best fabrics, with the best fit to show off the Miami Vibe . For me, creating incredible patterns was always a must. In all it took years of intense labor and dedication, but in July of 2015 my dream of was born. Hard work paid off and from the start it became an instant success. All pieces were sold out within a month. The receptiveness of my original designs inspired me to continue creating even more remarkable pieces, thus giving rise to the fashion name of DANNY MIAMI® .