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About ME

I am so excited you are here and I cannot wait to see you rocking your DannyMiami gear!

It all started with a dream to express my creative vision through fashion. From a very early age, I loved the beach. The beach has always been the ideal place for me to unwind and relax. In younger years, I was obsessed with obtaining the perfect tan. I remember looking at myself in the mirror and wanting to have the perfect body to complement that tan. I knew a little sun made a big difference. It just made me look better all-around specially in swimwear and undies.

Seeing myself in undies after the right tan was everything..... but the underwear itself was always soooo boring. I wanted to wear a piece that felt unique in every way, but my taste was too extravagant for what was out in the market. And that is how everything began.

The idea of having my own underwear line took years in the making. I took designing these pieces very seriously and educated myself in the craft. Additionally, I searched for the best fabrics with the most flattering fits. For me creating incredible patterns was also a must. In all it took years of intense labor and dedication, but in July 2015 DannyMiami.com came into fruition. Hard work paid off and from the start it became an instant success. All pieces were sold out within a month. The receptiveness of my original designs inspired me to continue creating even more remarkable pieces, thus giving rise to the fashion name of DannyMiami .